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About Me

I am a researcher and engineer with passion for wireless technologies, which I see as a key enabler for future technical advancements. Currently I am working at Siemens on making the world a safer place.

Prior to joining Siemens, I did my PhD in the Wireless Communications Group at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Armin Wittneben.
My research was focused on human posture detection with wireless body area networks, and indoor localization with Bluetooth LE and UWB. I have 5+ years of expertise in wireless technologies with publications at top-tier conferences (ICC, Globecom, ...).
During my B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies in Electrical Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, I had the chance to gain practical experience on antenna design and hardware for wireless applications as well as signal processing for radar and microwave imaging.


Next Generation Smart Fire Detector

next-gen smoke detector by Siemens Fire Safety

Human Posture Detection from Ultra-Wideband (UWB) On-Body Signals

recognition of body postures for fall prevention of elderly care patients

Distance and Displacement Estimation in Multipath UWB Indoor Channels

estimate distance and displacement between wireless nodes without direct interaction between them

Indoor Localization and Tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

locate and track an agent (smartphone) based on BLE signals to surrounding anchors

Efficient Decoding Scheme for Location-Based Chipless RFID Transponders

(M.Sc. thesis at the Institute for Microwaves & Photonics, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg under supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Vossiek)
obtain high-resolution images of mmWave QR tags with structured surfaces

Correction of Rotation in Reconstructed Radar Image

correct an arbitrary rotation of a mm-wave QR tag in a 2D image to facilitate information recovery

Parameter Analysis For Dielectric Layer Detection with Close-Range Radar

quantify the influence of radar system parameters for eigenvalue-based layer detection

Development of a 868 MHz RFID Antenna Array

(B.Sc. thesis at the Institute for Microwaves & Photonics, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg under supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Vossiek)
develop and test a phased array of patch antennas for RFID applications


Google Scholar


  1. R. Heyn and A. Wittneben, WBAN Node Topologies for Reliable Posture Detection from On-Body UWB RSS Measurements, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Seoul (KR), May 2022
  2. G. Dumphart, R. Kramer, R. Heyn, M. Kuhn, and A. Wittneben, Pairwise Node Localization From Differences in Their UWB Channels to Observer Nodes, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2022
  3. R. Heyn and A. Wittneben, Comprehensive Measurement-Based Evaluation of Posture Detection from Ultra Low Power UWB Signals, IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), virtual, Sep. 2021
  4. R. Heyn and A. Wittneben, Detection of Fall-Related Body Postures from WBAN Signals, 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Taipei (TW), Dec. 2020
  5. H. Schulten, M. Kuhn, R. Heyn, G. Dumphart, F. Trösch, and A. Wittneben, On the Crucial Impact of Antennas and Diversity on BLE RSSI-based Indoor Localization, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), Kuala Lumpur (MY), Apr. 2019
  6. R. Heyn, M. Kuhn, H. Schulten, G. Dumphart, J. Zwyssig, F. Trösch, and A. Wittneben, User Tracking for Access Control with Bluetooth Low Energy, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), Kuala Lumpur (MY), Apr. 2019

Doctoral Thesis

R. Heyn, Posture Recognition for Fall Prevention with Low-Complexity UWB WBANs, ETH Zurich, 2023

Academic Service


ETH Zurich (2017-2022): Teaching Assistant
FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg (2012-2014): Student Teaching Assistant

Mentoring & (Co-)Advising

Technical Program Comittee Membership

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